Moving and Packing-Tips From A Pro

Aside from it being spring cleaning season, its also moving season. At the end of the school year, everyone is clammering to move and get settled. I jokingly call it "Christmas Season" for professional organizers. Why? Because you don't know what you are walking into when you arrive to unpack and set up a house.

Bad packing and lack of planning can cost you hours in your move process. If you are hiring movers and organizers to unpack you, this could mean big bucks.

Here are some helpful tips to for moving in an efficient manner:

1. Pack like with like.

2. Clearly label your boxes with a black marker.

3. Color code your boxes via room. This will help the movers get them in the right area or room. A big time waster is having to relocate items. I like post it labels for this process. Also post a color grid at the front door and give a copy to your movers.

post it lables

4. If you are hiring help and have specific ideas about placement of items, put post it notes on the cabinets. This will save a lot of time in question asking from your help.

5. Before you move in, purchase any containers you might need for the bathroom or pantry. it will save time to handle things once and do it the right way.

6. Measure your floor space and make sure that all your furniture will work in the new home. There are several computer programs that will even let you lay out a home floor plan.

7. Make sure the movers set up your furniture in the correct spot.

8. Carry your linens in the car if possible. When you are exhausted from a day of moving, the last thing you want to do is search for sheets for your bed.

And most importantly, enjoy your new home!!

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