How To Have A Successful Garage Sale

So you have finished your spring cleaning and found that you have lots of stuff to get out of your home. There are several different options you can take- freecycle, donation pick up, or GARAGE SALE.

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I am seeing a huge trend of people having garage sales. They are money makers. Naperville(a suburb of Chicago) is known for its big garage sales. I have had several clients make in excess of $800 dollars from their garage sales.

I have also seen more and more people in the city try to have sales. Its hard when you only have a small patch of land as your front yard. That doesn't deter. I have seen many a person sit out front with their wares.

I got the shock of a lifetime when a client told me that used toiletries like make up and lotions are big sellers. I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. I guess if you are on a budget, and aren't afraid of germs, you could get some really great stuff at a discount.

Aside from used toiletries, kids items are huge sellers at garage sales. I have seen many a parent get toys, clothes, and other misc items at these sales. Who wants to pay full price for something a child will grow out of in a short time period.

As with any project, the more organized you are, the more successful your sale will be. Here are some helpful hints.

* Zone your space. Keep like with like. This will make it easier for potential buyers to view your stuff. Put out tables. Keep as much stuff at eye level as possible.

* Containerize as much as you can. Use boxes and bins for categories.

* Don't waste hours pricing everything. Have large labels written on the boxes stating prices(example- 25 cents per book).

* Make sure you start off your morning with lots of change.

* Have a few people helping you run the sale. Its impossible for one person to keep their eye on everyone or thing.,

* Keep the smaller items- cd's, jewelry close to you. Some people are dishonest.

* Have some bags for people to use for purchases. Some people will bring their own (everyone should in my opinion).

* Advertise your sale. Think social media. Some sites you can list your sale on include- and

* Hang up signs in your neighborhood. Its the old school method but it works.

The night before your sale, label and price everything. Do all the prep work that you can. The morning of the sale, all you should have to do is set the tables and items out. If possible, stage your items in the garage the night before your sale.

And last but not least, don't be offended if someone tries to negotiate a price with you. This is very common, especially at the end of the day. Be realistic.

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