Going Through Family Stuff After a Death

When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is the stuff.  In some cases, your loved one has already downsized or purged their belongings. In other cases, you have a long time family home filled to the rim. Either way, this isn't an easy process to handle.

Depending on your  plans with the home:

1. Full House Clean Out- In this case, you go through every room and make decisions about things. What to give to keep, give to family members, and what to sell or donate.  When you handle the estate in  this manner, you get cleared out home pretty quickly.

2. Let it sit- Sometimes you aren't ready to deal with things. If money isn't an issue, I have seen houses sit for awhile.

3. Pack it up- In this method, the house is packed up to deal with at a later time. I have seen people purge minimal items and pack the rest. The contents of the home either go into a storage unit or are incorporated into family members homes to be dealt with at a later time.

4. Have an estate sale- If you go this route, be sure to bring in a professional to handle the job. They will advertise the sale and properly price  your items.


Whatever method you choose, take your  time. Make good decisions. If you area not sure about something, keep it for the  time being. Once you let these items go, you can never get them back!

And be nice to your family. Everyone needs to get some treasured items from the family. If certain items were left to a family member make sure they get them. Don't go selling the family silver that was meant for the granddaughter. So wrong!!

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