What To Do When Kids Fly The Coop and Leave Their Stuff; Clearing Out Kids Clutter

Congrads! You are now an empty nester! The kids have flown the coop. You can dance around all day in your jammies with a glass of wine if you want. You don't have to make dinner for anyone but your spouse! Party time.

empty nesters

After the glow fades, you realize that you have been left with stuff. If you haven't purged over the years, there is a big chance that you have a lot of stuff.

You have a couple of choices here- you can let it sit until you decide to downsize or you can take action.

There are several different ways you can handle the project. You know your kids- are they sentimental. Would they want to keep things?
Ask them.

I would first start out with the toy area. Its up to you to decide if you want to keep anything for future grandkids. Take in consideration the condition of the items and your storage space.

When it comes to the kids rooms, sort and conquer. You can do the purging yourself or you can pull things out and sort them. If you have a timeline for getting rid of the stuff(you are moving, downsizing, ect) then you should send an email to your kids and ask them what they want to keep or donate. Otherwise, when they come home, ask them to go through the piles you have created for them.

In a perfect situation, your kids will work on the project with you. Anything they want will be boxed up. Take in to mind that when they first get out of college they probably will be starting out in a small space and won't have the room for their stuff.

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