The Mail Monster- Why Are We All So Afraid Of The Mail

A very large part of my business is paper management. I find that many people are afraid of what I call the "mail monster". Yes, that daily pile of paper that comes in our home.

mail pile

So how do we tame this wild beast and get our paper under control??
Limit what comes in your mailbox.

1. Get your financial and bank statements online.

2. Get your bills online.

3. Don't donate to solicitations through the mail. They are handled by marketing companies. If they see activity, they will increase your solicitations.

4. Go to and opt out of your catalogs. Most people end up piling them up until they have time to look at them. Its just another pile.

When the mail comes in, sort it over your recycle bin. 90% of your mail should be recycled immediately. Have a place to put your incoming magazines. The rest of the mail should be taken to your office area for processing. Have action item files to store the mail until its processed. Some of these files can include to do, social, and bills to pay. Create a small accordian file for coupons. Don't just throw them in a junk drawer.

The best thing to do is to handle your mail on a daily basis. It only takes a couple of minutes to process. If needed, have a small inbox for your spouse or partner in your office area. Don't have a large basket- that will become an enabler. You don't want the mail to build up. I can't tell you have many times I have found money or checks.

Open that mail!!

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