February is National Time Management Month- An Organizers Tips for Managing Time

Time management and organizing go hand in hand. The more time you have, the better organized you will be. The more organized you are, the more time you will have in your daily routine.

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The National Assocation of Professional Organizers has created this unofficial holiday to bring attention to time management and productivity. These two items can help or hinder the way we succeed in life. In honor of this month, I wanted to share some of my favorite time mangement tips with you. Read and enjoy.

1. Don't put it down, put it away. I try to live by the OHIO principal. ONLY HANDLE IT ONCE!!!!!

2. Relocating items- Anytime you leave a room or go to a different level of your home, you should have something in your hands that needs to be put away. We are constantly moving things around and a lot of the time, they don't get back to their original place.

3. Before you end your day, write down your goals/action items for the next day. Be realistic about what you have time to accomplish. Some days we have more time then others.

4. Have a routine. This is something that I could not live without. Identify what you need to do on a daily/weekly basis. If your schedule allows, block out regular time for some of these tasks. For years, I used to do my grocery shopping every monday after work.

5. What are the time robbers/bandits in your life? What are you spending too much time on that is affecting getting your tasks done?

6. Limit the incoming. I have drastically limited my incoming paper/email.
* Don't donate through the mail
* Get your bills/financial statements online
* Unsubscribe from email newsletters that don't benefit you
* Go through your mail everyday

7. Don't overload yourself with projects/tasks. I used to get a big "F" on this one. I keep a master list. I choose a few things each week to tackle. I base my choices on deadlines and budgets.

I hope these simple tips help you better manage your time. Don't forget to have some fun as well!!

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