Don't Put It Down, Put it Away-Relocating Your Items

Everyday, we take things out of one room of our home and move them to another. A lot of times, they never make it back to their home. They become "homeless" and turn into clutter. Piles begin to form and we forgot were we put them.

Here are some simple tips to help you keep things in their proper space.

* In a perfect world, when you finish using something it gets put away.

* When you leave a room in your home, you should always look around and see if something needs to come out of it. Take the item with you.

* When you go to a different level of your home, always have items that need to go with you.

* Get a stair basket or bag to relocate items to different floors.

* Before you go to bed each night, do a walk around of your place, and relocate items.

* Make sure you define your space and everything has a home.

One of the most important things is to not let the piles begin. When you develop these simple habits of relocating items/putting them away, it will help keep your home clutter free!

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Happy Organizing!!


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