Unavoidable Time Sucks; How To Handle Them

I am not a happy camper. After spending three hours on the phone with Blue Cross, they never cancelled my old insurance policy and deducted two payments from my bank account this month! After holding for ninety minutes last night, I gave up. TIME SUCK!!

There are so many unavoidable things in our lives, that waste our time. Billing, medical, and anything that involves customer service is at the top of my list. I am in the world of handle it once- do it right! I like to get things done and move on. I am finding that isn't the way of the world.

In anticipation of another long wait time with blue cross, I put the phone on speaker and went to work. Before the phone was answered (70 minutes), I was able to complete a bunch of paper work. I filed, typed, and processed a bunch of stuff. My desk was clean and I was caught up on work.

When unavoidable things throw you a curve ball, just roll with it! Here are some tips to help you ge through it.

1. Waiting for a doctor visit - I have never walked into a doctors office and been seen immediately. Bring some work with you. Pay bills, read a book, or answer emails on your tablet.

2. On hold- How I hate being on hold- Put that phone on speaker and get to work. Whith you hands free, you can get a lot done as long as you stay in proximity of your phone.

3. Stuck at a car shop- Car repairs can take hours and sometimes you don't have a ride home. Bring some tennis shoes and go explore the neighborhood (if its safe). I used to go for power walks after I dropped off my car.

Time-make the most of it!!!!!!!

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