Simple Organizing Projects To Keep You Busy During Chiberia

We have had quite the month in Chicago. First it was the apocalypse style shopping at Dominicks, next up the holidays, and now Chiberia. Yes, Chicago is shutting down do the extreme cold weather. I think I am the only one that will be working.

Admit it, all that snow and weather is making you feel lazy. Yesterday, I started off on that path, then the Direct TV went out. No football makes Erin a very unhappy lady.

So this being said, how should you keep yourself busy during Chiberia? Here are some simple projects to help you pass the time during your time inside.

* Put away your Christmas decorations

* Clean out your junk drawers- who needs all those dried out rubber bands

* Clean out your dresser drawers- take one drawer at a time. Dump it on your bed. Put like with like. Define these drawers. Don't let them be catch alls for misc items.

* Clean out that hall closet- time to find those mis-matched mittens

* Catch up on laundry- keep those water pipes running.

* Tackle your master closet- go through one category at a time

* Match up your unmatched socks- you can get your kids involved in this project

* Clean up that craft area- categorize and label your supplies

* Tackle one corner of your basement

* Go through your books- If you live in Chicago, Open Book will pick up book donations

* Clear out that pantry- evict the expired

* What's under your sink in the bathroom and kitchen

* Tackle those toys-what do your kids play with

Enjoy your time off. Stay warm and don't go out if you don't have too!!

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