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Simple Organizing Projects To Keep You Busy During Chiberia

We have had quite the month in Chicago. First it was the apocalypse style shopping at Dominicks, next up the holidays, and now Chiberia. Yes, Chicago is shutting down do the extreme cold weather. I think I am the only one that will be working. Admit it, all that snow and weather is making you... Read more »

How An Organizer Gets Ready For The New Year

Even the most organized people have a little prep work for the new year. As you can imagine January is full of resolutions and organizing. So when I found I had a few days off around the holidays, I took some action. Here is what I did. * Went to Costco and stocked up on... Read more »

Out With The Old, In With The New; Getting Stuff Out Of Your Home

As my European friends always say, America is a consumable/throw away society. We are constantly looking for bigger and better things. We love to upgrade our stuff. Whether it needs to be upgraded or not, we like change. We like new stuff. So what do you do with your “old stuff when you upgrade? Do... Read more »

10 Simple Organizing Solutions For The New Year

The ball has dropped. 2014 is here! Its a new year and a new you! Time to get the ball rolling for a productive year! I have 10 suggestions to help you jump start your new year in an organized manner. 1. Paper- Clean out those files. They should be purged at the end of... Read more »