Out With The Old, In With The New; Getting Stuff Out Of Your Home

As my European friends always say, America is a consumable/throw away society. We are constantly looking for bigger and better things. We love to upgrade our stuff. Whether it needs to be upgraded or not, we like change. We like new stuff.

So what do you do with your "old stuff when you upgrade? Do you just shove it aside and add the new stuff (like I see in kitchens all the time). Do you do the "basement dump" and send it to the land of no return? Do you have a donate bag or box ready for it to go into? Is your old stuff creating clutter in your home?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you upgrade items in your home:

* Do I need two of them (this applies quite a bit to the kitchen)?

* Can I use it for another purpose (storage items)?

* Can it be used in another room or space (furniture)?

* Can it be sold?

* Can I give it to a friend or relative?

* Should it be thrown away?

* Should I donate it?

* Should it be recycled (electronic items)?

So think about it. When you bring in the replacement- the old one should be repurposed in the home or leave. Don't let your old items sit. Most of them are probably still usable. When you let them sit for years, they run the risk of getting damaged and turning into non functional items. Let them be used-not put in a landfill.

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