Organized; Heredity or Learned

I come from a big ass diverse family. There is no other way to put it. The other night one of my many cousins was posting pictures of the family. Some chick chimed in about the picture of her great grandma. It turns out we are second cousins. So began a new friendship.

After I friended her(the girl with my curls), I took a look at her facebook page. Like the other members of the Kessler clan, she loved cats. She also was bragging about her organizing projects and how she was an "organized freak". Hey cuz- Did you know great grandma was a hoarder!!! Ahh those family genes!


Yup, great grandma Kessler hoarded stuff. When she was given a new washer/dryer by her kids, she decided to use the dryer for can storage. Over the years, all the gifts she was given were stashed all over the house. Did she not like her gifts, or was she "saving" them?

It was probably a good thing she wasn't a shoe lover. Her feet were so big, she usually wore mens boots (we have the pictures to prove it). And I am thankful to say that none of use got those feet. I did get her love of cooking though. My cousins did give me a few of her treasured cookie cutters.

So, is organization heredity or learned? What do you think?

While my great grandmother may have been a hoarder, many aunts were clutter bugs, my maternal grandmother was an organizing diva. In the time before bins, she used shoe boxes in her linen closet. Everything was folded and perfect. She planned meals(cooked three a day) and you never saw a laundry pile in her home. These qualities were passed down to my own mom.

I grew up in a clean and organized home. I learned at an early age to make my bed every day and keep a tidy room. At the beginning of each season, I purged my closet and advised my mom of what I needed. Laundry was done every week. We had a schedule.

The things I learned as a child from both my mom and grandma have shaped who I am today. I still get up and make my bed before leaving the bedroom.

On the flip side, can organizing skills be taught? Yes, that is what I have been doing for 10 years. You have to have an open mind and be ready to learn.

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