Going Paperless- Why Haven't You Done It

Are you looking at the mounds of paper and wanting to cry? Does the pile just seem to get bigger? This is one of the reasons that you should go paperless. Clear that desk and clear your mind.

Step One- www.catalogchoice.org. Sign on this site and opt out of your catalogs. Most of the time they just sit around gathering dust. Also, looking at catalogs is a big time waster(no one can resist looking at them).

Step Two- Evaluate your magazine subscriptions. Do you read them all? What can you cut down?

Step Three- Don't donate through the mail. Most of the solicitations come from marketing companies. If they see activity, they will send you more donation requests.

Step Four- Go paperless with your bank, financial, and bill statements. You can either have them email you a bill or have the amount deducted from your account each month.

Step Five- Set up a filing system for the paper that you do need to keep. Personalize these files based on your needs and interests.

Step Six- Create action item files- To do, Pending, Social, To read. Make sure that all incoming paper items have a place to go- not a pile.

Step Seven- Create an archive box. Archive your old mortgage documents, tax papers, and legal stuff. You don't need to keep this papers in your current filing system

Step 8-Last but not least, purge all the old stuff. Aside for legal, old taxes, and mortgage documents, there is very little that you need to keep. If you have any chronic medical conditions, do keep your medical records.

After following these simple steps, your paper piles will vanish!

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