Four Ways To Reduce Waste/Clutter From Your Home

We all have a little waste in our homes. In fact the average American family wastes $500 of food each year. Last week alone, I threw away 7 bags from one pantry of expired stuff. It happens.

How can you break this cycle and have less waste/clutter in your home? The first step is to watch what you bring in.

* Start using reusable bags. Don't bring those plastic/paper bags home with you. This not only helps save space but is better for the environment. Most people don't use the plastic bags again anyway. I find then shoved in cabinets and closets.

reusable bags

* Sample toiletries- Use them or lose them. We take them from hotels because we feel we will use them for travel. Like any other products, they expire and go bad. People tend to hoard them. My question to you is- Do you really use them when you travel? Most people I know take their own stuff. A lot of shelters are more than happy to take them off your hands.

hotel samples

* Food- We all like to save time and money. Most of us with families love Cosco(myself included). You should only stock up on the things you use on a regular basis and go through at lightening speed. For families they can include meats, kid friendly food, and beverages.

Think twice about your snack purchases. A lot of waste comes from open bags of chips and crackers. Items in individual portion sized packets seem to work really well.

Also limit your baking items. Unless you bake on a regular basis, limit the mixes you have on stock. I see many people that keep a stash of stuff that never gets used in time.

* Office Supplies- This is another area that tends to get over crowded. With a lot of business owners giving away pens and pads of paper, its easy to have quite the collection. As with any other organizing project, keep like with like. If you find you have too many pads of paper or pens, give them away.

Your home should be like a revolving door. Don't let those stagnet items clog up your space!

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