Time Management Failure; When You Can't Get Off The Couch

Tuesday I didn't have to work till the evening, so I slept in till 8 am and then proceeded to the couch. Yes, my ass was planted on the couch for several hours. After working several 12 hour days, I just didn't have it in me to spring out of bed and get rolling. I was moving at half mast at best. My to do list was a mile long and I just let it sit. Sound familiar? We all have days when we just need a break.

hitting the wall

So what happens when you hit the wall and you just can't rally? Take a step back and give yourself a break. You are no good to yourself or anyone else if you are overtired.

So I just sat on the couch. I picked a few tasks that I could do while at rest. I made a grocery list for a dinner party I was having the next day. I did 4 loads of laundry. And during a commercial, I changed the sheets on my bed. I also answered emails from my kindle.

Several hours, and two large cups of coffee later, I was ready to face the world (I had a doctors appointment and had no choice).

Everyone has an full plate. We are all trying to do more with less and at times can get stressed out. Here I was with the time, and not the energy. I had overdone it work wise the last week. So there I sat.

There are times when you have to throw in the towel and allow yourself to have some down time. Give yourself some time to re-energize.

So after playing couch potato for 5 plus hours, I felt rejuvinated. I was ready to face the world and tackle that to do list.

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