The Kitchen Purge; Deleting All Those Duplications

Last week I had a knife salesman over to look at some knives. As we looked through my kitchen, I shamefully admitted that I was a "duplicator". Yup, I had quite a few things in multiple quanities. Some I had purchased, others were gifts.

I am not alone. This is the most common kitchen problem. You buy a new spatula, you keep the old. You can't find something in that crazy junk drawer, you get another one.

redone kitchen photo

This month, I have been focusing on my kitchen. Upgrading a few items and purging the old.

The first step is to ask yourself -How do you function in your kitchen? Me- I love to cook. Besides organizing, cooking is a passion of mine. I find it relaxing and fun.

1. Start with the Utensils- What do you need in duplicate? I have duplicates in spatulas, and spreaders. I use them all the time. God forbid, I don't get the last bit of nutella out of the jar. I also have a few wine openers. One nice one I use at home and one small one that travels with me. I found that I don't need two ladles or the four pairs of tongs that I have in my utensil area. For any cook, utensils are really important.

2. Appliances- I use all of my appliances. Not all the time, but I use them. The two appliances that people buy and don't end up using are the breadmaker and the magic bullet.

3. Pots and Pans- Have one set. I find that many people buy a new one and keep the old ones. And lets not forget the skillets. I have a large one and small one. If you don't have room for large oversized ones that you use once a year, keep them in a kitchen overflow area.

4. Bowls- Why do we buy just one? Buy sets that nest inside each other. In my opinion, everyone needs a nice set of mixing bowls, and some for serving. And the all important wooden salad bowl, is a must for anyone who entertains.

5. Plates- Two sets- One everyday and one set of china. I am finding that most people don't even get china anymore. Also, if you have holiday china, keep it stored away, not in your prime space.

And back to the knives, I was salivating over the steak knives. Then I looked over at my own knife block (the cheap ones that I bought right out of college)and saw a set of steak knives that had never been used. I decided to customize my set and pick out the knives that I would use vs buying a set.

Clear out that kitchen!!

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