The Great Bull Run; How it Compares to Spain

I have been so busy with work that I was late to the party when I heard Chicago was planning a bull run in July 2014. Actually, the first time I heard of it was when a reporter called to interview me about a previous blog that I wrote. The poor guy! Can you imagine looking for a bull runner and knocking on my door! Yes, I ran in 2007 in Pamplona! Best trip ever!!

In Spain, they call the running with the bulls, a passage into manhood. I wonder what it is for a chick? Hum. For me, it was another experience off the bucket list. A strange one for a girly girl like myself, but one that I will never forget( I also danced around a maypole in Sweden).

My friends and I did our research before we ran. We learned that you only run part of the route and then you jump out. Most people run at the first rocket that goes off (except my friend Carlyn). Afterwards you either go to the bullfight(not something I believe in or would attend) or you hang out in the streets and drink sangria(that worked for me).

I was impressed on how organized everything was for the run. They gave you a card with instructions. They also announced when it was time for the non- runners to leave the plaza (the chicks, except for me and my friends). One of the medics came over to us and tried to get us to leave. She said women didn't run with the bulls. Well, Erin does!

That being said, I am curious on how the Great Bull Run of Chicago will compare?  Here is how the Great Bull Run Compares to Spain.


1. In the Great Bull Run, you will be running with 12 bulls vs the 5 with Spain.

2. The Great Bull Run costs $35 if  you register early whereas in Spain, its free. They are giving you a free bandana and beer! I bought my bandana and sash. Sangria is so cheap in Spain its almost free.

3. There is a waiver to sign. In Spain, you are on your own.

4. In Spain, there are rockets and dancing heads. Drummers march through town all day and night( I got no sleep the night before the run!) I am interested to see what type of presentation they will have at the Great Bull Run.

5. In Spain, you run down the streets of the town whereas you will be running in around a racetrack in Cicero. How does it end?

6. The Europeans are very peaceful people who consider it a serious tradition and run it year after year. They know what to expect and how to behave. I wonder if the Americans with do the same.

7. Most of the restaurants are closed during the fest. We lived on horrible little sandwiches during our stay. I wonder what they will have at the run?

It should be interesting!






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