Simple Steps To Organizing A Kitchen

The kitchen. In my opinion, is the most challenging room in the home to organize. Why, you ask? Most kitchens are designed to fit a space, not a function. Everyone uses their kitchen a little differently.

kitchen appliances

There are people like myself, that love to cook. There are others that heat up pizzas and make macaroni and cheese. And then we have those that use part of their kitchen as arts and crafts storage and home office stuff.

The first step to organizing a kitchen is to sort your stuff into categories:

1. Baking
2. Cooking/pans
3. Food items
4. Utensils-food prep, baking, misc
5. Dish Towels/Pot Holders
6. Grilling
7. Spices
8. Oils
9. Appliances
10. Tupperware
11. Tableclothes/Linens
12. Glasses/water bottles
13. Coffee/Tea mugs
14. Dinner plates/bowls
15. Silverware
16. Saran wrap/ziploc bags

If you have a pantry, you are in luck. All your food items, appliances, and grilling items should go straight in to it. If not, then you need to make space in your kitchen.

Now the fun part! Open all your cabinets and drawers. Step back and take a good look. As with any organizing project, you want to put like with like. Also, consider how you function, what you use on a regular basis, and what you need accessible. I love to bake, but only do when needed, so my baking stuff is on a high shelf- not in prime space.

1. Baking-If the drawer below your oven pulls out, this is the perfect place to put baking pans. If not, the pantry or a cabinet will work.

2. Cooking/Pans- Every kitchen has a big cabinet or two that will encompass your pots and pans. Also put your veggie steamer and colander with them.

3. Food items- If you have a pantry, these should go in it. If not, Pick a large cabinet or two for food storage. If you have room in your home (basement), create an overflow area for extra food items. Categorize- like with like. Pasta,rice, breaksfast items- you get the picture.

4. Utensils- Categorize by how you use them. A lot of people use a utensil jar and store the most used ones on the counter. I hang my in a container on the wall. I also have a drawer for baking/food prep utensils and one for misc utensils.

hanging utensils

5. Dish Towels/Potholders- These can share one drawer

6. Grilling- If you have storage in your grill, this is where they should go. If not, try binning then up and putting them either in your garage or pantry.

7. Spices-If you have a large drawer, you can insert a spice rack for drawers and organize them by alphabet. Spices can also be stored in a cabinet using a spice shelf so they are all visible.

8. Oils- These can be stored in a pantry or a cabinet close to your food prep area.

9. Appliances- I use my corner cabinet(hate these) for my appliances. I store my larger (not used often) appliances in my kitchen area in the basement.

10. Tupperware- These can go in a pull out drawer, cabinet, or pantry area. Match them up before you put them away. Be realistic about how much tupperware you need. Its worth buying a nice set that matches and stacks nicely.

11. Tableclothes/Linens- If you have a dining room cabinet, this is where they should be stored. If they are seasonal, containerize them with your seasonal decorations.

12. Glasses- These should go in a cabinet-one that is close to the dishwasher. Water bottles should also have a shelf or a space in the pantry.

13. Coffee mugs- These should be stored on a cabinet shelf. I like to create a coffee/tea center for my clients and have the cups close to the coffee maker and other supplies.

14. Dinner plates/bowls- These should be stored in a cabinet. As close to the dishwasher as possible. Any seasonal dishes should be stored away with holiday decor.

15. Silverware-Your everyday set should be in a drawer with a divider. Any additional sets should be in another area. Don't overcrowd this drawer.

16. Saran Wrap/Ziploc bags- These should go in a drawer or in your pantry.

Simple steps to organize your kitchen. Take one cabinet at a time. Make sure the items that you use the most are accessible to you. For all you height challenged peeps(like myself) keep a step stool in the kitchen so you can reach the higher shelves. If you have a super small city kitchen, consider adding a cabinet or shelf for extra storage space.

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