Simple Solutions To Keep You Organized During The School Year

Its that time of the year again. Time to set the alarm clock and get back on schedule. SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION.

Gone are those lazy summer days at the beach or hanging out in the neighbors back yard watching your kids play. It't time to get back on schedule.

back to school

Your role has changed from chauffeuring the kids to camp to managing everyone's crazy schedule. Between school and activities- you have little time for anything else.

So how does one through the day and manage to stay sane and organized?

Here are some simple tips!

* Set out your kids clothes the night before. Some of my clients even use sweater bags and pick out their kids clothes for the week.

* Prepare lunches the night before as well.

* Make sure all homework is loaded in the backpack. The backpack should be placed in the mudroom, back of kitchen chair, or in front room and ready to go.

* Activity bags should also be ready to go.

* Keep a small supply of school supplies for replenishment.

* Have a stash of grab and go breakfast items for your kids. Also set the table the night before.

As you can see. Any work you do ahead of time will help you in the mad morning rush. Good luck and have a wonderful year.

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