How To Set Up And Organize a College Dorm Room

It's that time of the year again. Back to school. It seems like yesterday I was working the double shift at the DQ to save up money to buy stuff for college. I even called my future roomie to make sure that our stuff would match! Did I tell you that we painted our room pink? Are you suprised?

off to college

Every year, I help parents pack their kids off the school. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories. Here are my tips on how to set up a dorm room.

* Talk to your future roomie. Split up the big ticket items like the refrigerator, microwave, and phone.

* Dorm rooms are tiny. My roomie and I didn't have bunk beds but we put our beds up on milkcrates and used the space underneath for storage.

* If possible, when you do your college tour, ask to see the dorm rooms. This helps a lot.

* My mom saved her trunk from college for me. Did I want it -no. I ended up taking it with me and it stored so much stuff!! I also had a lock on it to keep things safe.

* Take only what clothes you need. I brought a lot of nice stuff that I never ended up wearing. I was amazed to find out that kids literally roll out of bed to go to class.

* Stock up on toiletries. Now is the time to go to Costco. This will save the student time and money. Buy those big lotions and shampoos.

* Don't forget the school supplies. Don't overbuy!

* Limit your decorative items to pictures on the wall. You need the other space for function.

* Move in day is crazy. Some schools will make you schedule a time. Pack a couple of suitcases with clothes-that go back home. Think about using large bags (IKEA) to pack items vs boxes. This saves room in car and time. Bins are also a good idea.

* If you are going to school out of state, think about getting a storage unit for the summer, vs taking everything home.

And there are you have it. Dorm life made simple.

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