The Single Thing That Wastes The Most Space In Your Home- Bags

Every week, I end up doing what I call the "Bag Intervention". Bags are the biggest waste of space in ones home. They are clumsy, hard to store, and take up valuable space. They end up in piles at the bottom of a closet or cabinet.

Why do we feel the need to keep all of them? I have heard the following:

* It must have cost a lot to make
* I use them
* The status of shopping at certain stores
* It looks pretty
* I use them

They are not good for storing things. You can't stack them. They wear out pretty quickly especially when they are over stuffed which is common.

My solution -DON'T BRING THEM HOME!!

How do you eliminate bags coming in your home and life?

The first step is to switch to reusable bags at the grocery store. They are very inexpensive and cost around .99. I keep them in my trunk so I always have them with me. I use them for both grocery and retail shopping.

reusable bags

I also keep a small fold up bag in my purse and work bag. This is perfect for running small errands.

folding bag

Aside for using bags for retail use, we all are schleppers in one way or another. Whether its transporting library books,  going to the beach, or taking a class, a bag is needed.

If you start having a bag for all your different needs, you will end up with a closet full bags. Choose bags that are multi-functional. I have two bags that I use for schlepping stuff, ravinia, and taking stuff to friends homes.

The same holds true for luggage. What do you really need? Are you still hanging on to that garment bag? Evaluate your lifestyle. How many pieces do you need for your travels?

Unless you travel on a regular basis, your suitcases should not be taking up space in your master closet!

Clear the bags and create some space!!

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