The Kitchen- More Organized and Less Waste

The kitchen. The room we all love to hate. Some of us spend hours in here making amazing meals for our families while others only use the microwave. However your kitchen functions, its probably pretty crowded and has some waste.

Come on, confess it! We all have things that we don't use, stuffed in a cabinet or drawer. All those tempting knick knacks that you see in the stores and brought home.

So the first step to organize your kitchen is to open all your cabinets. Take a peek at what you have. Ask yourself:

* Is this accessible for my needs?
* Do I use or need this?
* Does this fall under the "entertaining item" that could be moved to an overflow area?

STEP 1- The things you use the most should be accessible and at an arms reach for you. I am talking your daily dishes, glasses, and food prep items.

STEP 2- If you don't use it every day, put it away- Yes, I am talking about all those appliances that take up space on your counter.

STEP 3- Sort like with like. You should have categories like"
* Food Prep- bowls and utensils
* Appliances
* Baking
* Pots and Pans
* Cutting boards
* Serving Trays

STEP 4- Use your cabinet and drawer space for the items that you use the most. Fill those up first. If you have a pantry or basement, consider creating a kichen/entertaining overflow area.

STEP 5- Its okay to let go of those things you don't use anymore(the breadmaker).

STEP 6- Relocate items that you don't use on a regular basis such as serving dishes, or party items.

STEP 7- Define your drawers- I am not a fan of the junk drawer! I like to call it the general supplies drawer. Most items that I find in kitchen junk drawers can go other places.
* Silverware drawer
* Dish towels and pot holders
* Saran wrap and plastic bags
* Cookingtensils- most people need more than one drawer
* Baking Utensils

Now lets talk waste! An average American family wastes $500 of food each year. Yup, that is correct. Thing of all those perishable items in your cabinet and fridge. There is nothing wrong with filling up on that pantry (especially when they are on sale).

Before you buy the bundle, think of what you use on a regular basis! Only buy those items in bulk that tend to go through. Everyone has different staples that they use for menu planning.

Things I would not stock up on:

* Baking items- Unless you bake on a regular basis- so many of these mixes go to waste and expire.

* Cereal- Don't go above 3 or 4 boxes. Use them up before you replenish. Again, one item I find a lot of waste.

* Misc canned good- stock up on staples but not those miscĀ  items.

* Snacks- I see a lot of over buying in this category. I think people get bored and tend to switch what they eat. Don't buy these in bulk unless you plan to finish them.

So there you have it! Kitchen organizing 101!!

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