Get Control Of Your Home Improvement Projects

When I bought my condo two years ago, I went a little crazy with home improvement projects. I just wanted it all to be done (Yes, I am a Taurus). I would come home in between jobs and paint walls. I ripped out the light fixtures before I had new ones. I was on a mission. My head was spinning. There was so much to do. I was thankful I didn't buy a house.

I am a very visual person. I could just not live with track lighting or an orange kitchen. After a few weeks, of trying to squeeze in misc projects, and running a business, I knew a needed a plan.


And here is my kitchen afterwards. I love it!!

redone kitchen photo

I somehow managed to pull my head out of the clouds, and write a plan. Just as I do with my clients, I went room by room and wrote down what needed to be done. I even estimated the cost of these projects.

I wrote down not only cosmetic work that needed to be done but furniture needs and accessories as well.

Each month, I pick out a project that is in my timeline and budget. I see it from start to finish. I have new respect for decorators who spend hours trying to find the right things for their clients.

I started first with the paint and furniture. Once I had the basics down, I went for the components of the space. Little by little, I created a home.

After jumping off the crazy train of decorating, I was able to breath. Even though my place is still in progress, I am happy with the transformation. Rome wasn't built in a day- neither will the Casa de la Kelly be done in a day!

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