Flipping The Closet- Why I Don't Do It

Every year, I spend a lot of time helping people flip their closets seasonally. Is nessessary? In some cases, yes, in others no!

I personally don't flip my clothing and coat closets. Why you ask? The main reason that I don't flip my closets is because everything fits. I do flip a few shelves though. I bring down my sweaters and put up some light shirts. I have enough room that all my clothes can live together in peace and harmony.

Flipping a closet takes time. You have to recreate the wheel and refold and organize your stuff. Many times clothes are shoved under the bed or in a basement. Everything needs to be washed or freshened up. Even though I don't flip my closets, I do wash my clothes at the beginning of each season to freshen them up.

Also, I wear a lot of my clothes year round. Those tank tops are used for laying in the winter. Many of my dresses can be worn with boots or sandals.

When should you flip your closets?

1. If they are so crowded that you can find anything or function. There are many city closets that are just tiny. This Organizer can only create so much space in them.

2. If you are a shoe lover. Many closets aren't built to accomodate shoes. I personally had some shoe shelves built in mine. Living in the midwest, we tend to have a lot of boots. They are bulky and take up a lot of space. And lets not forget the sandal/flip flop collection. Unless you are blessed with lots of shoe space- bin up those off season shoes.

If you flip your closet, leave what you can. Only flip the areas that you have a seasonal change. Keep it simple.

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