Defining Your Space- A Must To Stay Organized

Big house, lots of storage equals one lucky person. It also can equal misc items in many places unless you define your space.

Whether you have a big home or small condo, you need to define your space and storage areas. A home with undefined space can end up being a dumping ground for misc items. I see it all the time. You don't know where to put something so you put it down.

When you decide to "define your space", take one room at a time. Start off by looking in each of your storage units (by this I mean drawers, dressers, and closets). Evaluate what you have in there.

* Are these the items I need for this room?
* Is it stored in an organized fashion?
* Can I see what I have?
* Do I have parts of this category elsewhere?
* Does this item need to be accessible or should I put it in "cold" or out of the way storage?

If you are a visual person, it might help you to label your shelves or drawers. Also don't over crowd storage spaces. It makes it hard for you to find stuff. This is most common with drawers.

Containerize items if possible. Small things like technical items or craft items, store better when they are containerized. Try to use uniform storage bins so you can stack them and utilize more of your space.

Defining your space will help you to:

* Find things immediately
* Prevents duplicate buying
* Make sure everthing has a home
* Visually you can see what you have

Happy Organizing!!

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