Confessions Of A Former Saver

Yup, I used to be a saver. Not to the point where I had major clutter, but I had stuff. Yes, this sentimental organized freak used to keep things just because. Sound familiar?

What changed my tune? Two things in particular. One of my friends got me into Feng Shui. She gave me a book called Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui By Karen Kingston. It is and will always be one of my favorite books. I read it again every year.

This book not only talked about the premise of Feng Shui but how clutter affects your life. It can make you depressed, sluggish, and stuck. You feel overwhelmed and live in the past. The book also talked about saving things that didn't have the best memories. We all want to live in a positive space of life.

I realized I had things in my home that carried negative or bad memories. For some unknown reason, I had kept all the rejection letters that I had received straight out of college when I was job hunting. WTF? I also had gives and letters from every guy that I had ever dated. Gifts and pictures from people who were no longer a part of my life also were a part of my home.

Part of Feng Shui is about living in the present and keeping things around you that make you happy. When you look at items from your past, you remember. It brings up things- good and bad.

The second thing that made me change was becoming an organizer. I saw first hand the effects of saving. Homes that were cluttered. Precious items that weren't stored properly and ruined. Trying to fit everything into a city home.

I see people struggle everyday with decision making. The guilt. What should I save. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Everyone as an individual needs to make that choice. Also, how much space do you want to dedicate to stuff you don't use.

How often do we look at these past treasures anyway? Eight years ago, I went through everything in my apartment. I used the Feng Shui principle of saving what is a "positive" memory and what was useful. I cleared out those misc gifts from people that were no longer in my life. I even got rid of things that I don't use.

Last winter I set a goal of going through my picture boxes. I put everything into albums. I was able to get rid of boxes of duplicate pictures and ones that didn't mean a lot to me.

There is nothing wrong with saving things, just don't let it control your life or space. Find that happy medium that works for you.

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