When Life ( Mother Nature) Throws You a Curve; Switch Gears

I have to admit I was a little cranky when my buddy cancelled his dinner party this week. I was really in the mood to hang with some cool friends, share some wine, and good food. Weather!! Really, Dude!! So its raining. If I hadn't had my head in a closet all day, I would have seen that Chicago was severely in danger of having flooding and there was a flood warning till friday.


I didn't watch the news and crashed later that night. I woke up at 5:00 am and left the house at 6 to head to the burbs. The lady at McDonalds warned me about the roads being closed, but I didn't listen. To my suprise, all the highways were shut down and flooding was everywhere. I was thankful to have a truck vs a sedan. So after three tries, this stubborn Irishwomen (well, half) turned and went home.

I confess, I am like Rainman. I like my day scheduled and don't like curveballs. But, I do keep a dam good "to do" list and was ready to kick in PLAN B.

Due to the weather, I knew that driving all over the city would not be wise. Sink holes scare me. I had a list of errands that all were in a two mile radius. I waited for the rain to slow down, then jumped back in the car.

First stop, donations to the cat shelter. The back of my car was loaded with kitty stuff from a client. Next on the agenda was picking up the dry cleaning. I ended my errands at Jiffy lube getting an oil change. In the Jiffy parking lot, they have a clothes donations box so I was able to kill two birds with one stone. Yeah me! Happiness in my world is an empty car.

Back home, I put on the grubbies and headed for the master bedroom. There were some window sills to be sanded. I finished sanding one complete window and painted it. Another partial project knocked off the list!

So the moral of this very plain but true story? Keep a good task list. When life or mother nature throws you a curve, be ready to change gears. In a matter of moments, I was able to regroup and get some things done. All in all, I had a very productive day.

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