Should You Get Rid Of Things You Haven't Used In A Year? An Organizers Opinion

I am constantly asked, "Should I get rid of things I haven't used in a year?" My response, it depends on what items you are talking about. In some cases, I would say yes, in others no.


Lets start with kitchen appliances. Any good cook has a lot of different cooking aids or appliances. Should you get rid of duplicates? In some cases definately. How many sets of mixing cups do you need(this cook has one set). Also, how many sets of measuring spoons do you have? I would say one of two at the most.

Also, what appliances do you never use? Do you have a fondue pot that is collecting dust? Or what about that old coffee maker given up for the kerig? Just let it go.

We all go through phases in the kitchen. Sometimes, I am using my wok on a regular basis. In the last year, I haven't used it at all. Like some of my other appliances, I may use them a few times a year. I love to bake, but my baking supplies sit dormant until I am invited to a party or Christmas season is upon us. I would never get rid of them.

If its a duplicate or you never us it, then I let it go. If you use if once in a while, I would keep it. Also, in some cases, a cook needs duplicate items. I have several cutting boards, spatulas, and stirring spoons. I use these items for meal prep on a daily basis.

If there are hobbies that you no longer practice, I would consider donating the items. Like that old tennis racket or knitting needles.

And now onto the topic of clothing. In my opinion, if its classic, useful, fits, and you love it, it should be kept. We all fall into the rut of wearing 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I have a whole slew of cocktail dresses. I only went to one cocktail party last year. Should I get rid of these dresses? Hell no! They are all classic in style, fit me, and I like them. When the need arises, I can pull one out to wear.

Think about it. Sometimes we don't touch things but they are definately useful in our lives.

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