Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Organizing Solutions

With retailers jumping on the bandwagon of organizing, decision making is getting a little more complicated. What products/solutions are best for you? How much should you spend? Does it cost a lot to get organized?

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I am also seeing a trend in the organizing world that people are want a full home consultation. It's no longer- come and do my closet, its - "look at the whole space."

Here are somethings to think about when organizing your space.

* How long do you plan to be in your home? If this is your forever home, or are you planning on moving in a few years?

If are are planning on staying for the long haul, or several years, yes I would definately recommend looking into spending some coin on built ins, and items that will enhance resale value one day.

Areas that could be really enhanced by some built in solutions include master closet, TV areas, craft areas, and basements.

* What is your budget? Before you start your projects, decide what you feel comfortable spending to transform your home. To built out an average master closet can cost $800 to 2500. Shelving for a basement can cost $300 to $1000.

* How much space do you have? What will your space accommodate? Is your space functional but over crowded? Do you need to focus on purging vs new systems?

* What are you goals? Are your goals to make the space more attractive or more functional? Do you want to find a happy medium in function and decor?

* Do you want to create space for a partner or child? How much space will you need to clear for this new addition?

* How should you prioritize your projects? This is a tough one. You want to make organizational changes that will better your space and time. Sometimes you have to start small and then plan for the bigger ticket items.

One step at a time. You can transform your space!

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