Make Your Kitchen Work For You; Steps To Keep It Organized

I think I should get a prize. I just organized 10 kitchens in a row! Yup, that is right. I have sorted more utensils, pots, and pans than a Crate and Barrel has in stock. As I have said before, the kitchen is the most challenging room to organize. Everyone functions differently in their kitchen. In my opinion, its more personalized then the bedroom closet.

Here are some tips to help you make your kitchen work for you.

* Your daily dishes, silverware, and glasses should be as close to the dishwasher as possible. This makes loading and unloading easier.

* Your oven mitts and dish towels should also be close to the stove and sink in a drawer.

* Got a Kerig? Most all of us do now. Place it below a small cabinet. In the cabinet above, place your coffee cups, tea, and other beverage items.

* Spices should be kept close to the stove or food prep area. You can store them in a drawer, cabinet, or a free standing spice rack. Some people store then sweet vs savory. I personally like alpha order.

* Big appliances that you don't use much- move them out of the kitchen. If you pantry is too crowded, consider alternative storage. If you have basement storage, consider using a shelf or large cabinet for overflow kitchen items.

kitchen appliances

* Did you know that most ovens have a drawer below them? Take a look and see. If that is the case, and you don't have a cabinet that is shaped for cooking sheets- you know have a place for them. This drawer also works well for muffin tins.

* Zone your food items. If you have an extra large kitchen, there is nothing wrong with putting some things in the cabinets vs the pantry. Keep the items that you use the most close to you.
1. Pasta/rice
2. Breakfast items
3. Cans-soups, veggies, fruit, fish ect
4. jars of sauce
5. Oils
6. Salad Dressing
7. Condiments

* Keep only the cookbooks that you use in the kitchen.

* Have a lot of vases? Consider putting them in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

* Lets talk utensils. If you have a few drawers for them, sort them by food prep and baking. If you are tight on space, consider using a canister on the counter and putting the most used one in it. I put mine in plant holders on the wall(you wouldn't expept an organizer to use a traditional solution).

kitchen utensils

* Paper plates and plastic silver ware only used for parties? Evict it from the pantry. Consider basement storage for this as well or put it all in a basket on a higher shelf.

So there you have it! Steps to help you organize your kitchen!

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