Enablers- Items that Inhibit Your Organization

Usually we call people enablers. You know, those friends that don't bring out the best in our lives. The ones that encourage or let you step off the bright path of life. In the organizing world, its bad systems. Here are a few systems, that I consider enablers.

stacking files

Stacking files. HATE THEM! Things go in and never come out. When I organize offices, clients can't even remember what they put in them. The only use I like for them is to store clean paper or stationery.

mail files

Mail sorters. Another item that doesn't make Erin's list of love. Again these tend to get shoved full of mail or bills. Avoid them at all costs.

paper bags

Paper bags. Saving them for recycling? Or do you use them to put misc items in when company comes over. Do they end up in a corner or in the back of a closet. Sitting. Waiting. Housekeepers will also fill your clutter with them.


Last but not least, we have bankers boxes. Yes, everyone loves them. They are the perfect clutter collector. And you can even fold them away when not in use.

All your items should have a home not a box. Stay away from the enablers of disorganization.

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