So Many Sizes, What Can You Really Wear In Your Closet

Ladies, lets have some honesty here. How many sizes of clothes do you have in your closet? Do you get depressed each morning because you have to rifle through things to find that one pair of pants that fit? It's time to take action!

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Before I officially became an organizer, I used to practice on friends and friends of friends. One of the first women that I tried to help, had sizes 8 to 24 in her closet. It was literally impossible for her to get dressed in the morning. She could not make heads or tails of what fit and what didn't. Also, her closet was so full that she could not find anything.

A very wise stylist once told me that everything in your closet should be your color, cut, and size. Yes, if you can't wear it, take it out. You don't have to get rid of it but remove it from your closet.

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Here are some helpful tips to getting your closet in order.

* Start with a fresh palette. Take everything out of your closet.

* Start grouping categories. Here is a list of the main categories:

1. Jeans
2. Formal Wear
3. Dresses
4. Slacks
5. Suits
6. Sweaters
7. Tank Tops
8. Shirts- long, short, and sleeveless
9. Work out wear

*Start putting items back in your closet one category at a time. You should make piles of keep, consign, and donate. Some people also choose to have a pile of "give to friends."

If you come across items that don't fit and feel strongly about keeping them, bin them up. Bin them up by size or season. As your body changes, you can go back to these bins and add the clothes into your rotation.

Also when organizing your clothes, organize them from dark to light. Your closet should look like a rainbow. It makes finding clothes a lot easier.

In addition, here are a few tips to help you save space.

* Fold those jeans on a shelf
* Put your purses on a top shelf and put the small ones in a basket
* If you have very limited shoe space, take your off season shoes out of the closet.

When you are done, everything should be your "A" game and fit. Each morning you should be able to pick out an outfit in a moments notice without having to search or shuffle.

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