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Hall Closet; Coats and More

Besides doing the dining room dump, I have seen quite a bit of stuff dumped in the hall closet. Yes, its become the place of no return. In most cases, the floor is covered with shoes and bags full of items. Items that don’t have a home. There are two basic types of front hall closets.... Read more »

Six Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Organized

You look around your place and feel hopeless. There are piles everywhere. You spend hours each week looking for items. Sometimes you even buy duplicates by mistake. Friends and family have even offered to help you declutter your home. On one or more occasions, you have even reached out to a professional organizer for help.... Read more »

So Many Sizes, What Can You Really Wear In Your Closet

Ladies, lets have some honesty here. How many sizes of clothes do you have in your closet? Do you get depressed each morning because you have to rifle through things to find that one pair of pants that fit? It’s time to take action! Before I officially became an organizer, I used to practice on... Read more »

Is Bigger Better? The Downside of Having a Big Home

Is bigger better? That is what they say in Texas. The home of big hair and then some. What about houses? Is having a big home helpful or hurtful? I am seeing a trend of people that are downsizing not because they have to but because they want to live a more simple life. Less... Read more »

Clutter and The Couple; Can This Relationship Be Saved

Sometimes I take off the professional organizer hat and put on the marriage counselor hat. Yes, part of my job is to try and help couples coexist in their space in a happy/healthy manner. So what happens when Minimalist Mary marries Hector the Collector? Or when Clara the Clutterbug marries Henry the Hoarder? And lets... Read more »