Organizing Skills I Learned From My Parents

"How did you get to be organized?" That is always the million dollar question. The answer is, its how my brain works. Even as a child I loved to organize. One of my favorite things to do was to empty out my toybox and refill it with the toys. I had a huge wooden toy box that my grandfather made.


Even though I was born with an organized brain(I blame my grandma), I learned a lot of organizing skills from my parents. Here are just a few of them.

* Scheduling your cleaning- For the first thirteen years of my life, my mom stayed home. She always had a cleaning schedule. Every morning she cleaned the bathrooms and wiped down the kitchen counters. She went from one task to another without stopping to blink. After her cleaning with done, she rewarded herself with a cup of tea and a soap opera.

* Laundry time- Laundry was sorted every Sunday night. She did the sheets and the towels first since they could be washed and dried. The perm press was the last load since most of the stuff was not dried completely and hung up. The laundry was put away as soon as it was dry. She never did laundry during the weekend since we always had company.

* She made her bed before she even came out of her bedroom in the morning. I still follow this one.

* When she came home, she never plopped herself down on the couch till she did her tasks. She immediately put groceries away, hung up her coat, ect.

* My dad was the trip planner. Yes, I lived with a real live Chevy Chase type. He would research everything. We always had a game plan and great vacations. We never left a place without getting our money worth.

Everyone learns skills from their parents. As a child they shape us. As an adult, we figure out what works for us and keep doing them.

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