New Home, New Space- How to Prepare

When I showed up at the second viewing of my future condo, I had camera in hand and and a tape measure. I also had post it notes and a pad of paper with me. The realtor just kind of looked at me like I was a little crazy.

moving boxes

Moving is not a fun process. I didn't have the time to take off work, so I wanted to be super prepared for it.

Here is what I did to prepare for my move!

1. I measured the space in my new condo(the budget included a big screen tv). I made sure that all the furniture that I was bringing with me would fit. I was sad to find out that an antique hutch I owned would not make the cut.

2. After I decided what furniture I was going to use, I put the rest of it for sale or on freecycle. I didn't want to pay to move it.

3. I checked out my new windows. Only one pair of my existing curtains would work. The rest got donated.

4. I also decided that for my sanity and resale value, I would spend the money to build out the master closet. I could not make the existing closet work.

5. I went back home and went through my stuff. I made a donate stack. Yes, I actually had a bag of things to donate. I have a dishwasher so I didn't need a drying rack anymore.

6. I started packing like with like. I labeled everything clearly.

7. I also made a list of things that I would need for the new place by room. Containers for my linen closet, baskets for my gloves and scarves. By identifying what I needed, I was able to cut my shopping time down.

Little by little, I was able to make my condo a home. My advice to you:

* Take one room at a time. You will feel better if you have one space that is complete.

* Purge as you put away.

* Set up bathrooms and kitchens first.

* Containerize items that are to be stored away.

Enjoy your new space!!

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