Letting Go Of Stuff; An Organizers Story

We all hold onto things that we don't need or use anymore. Myself included. These items just sit in boxes and wait for us to make a decision on them.

All my life I have wanted a little girl. A little mini me. A small version of myself with my crazy curls and a larger than life personality.

The Universe has blessed me with so many wonderful things but that little munchkin has yet to find her way to me. In preparation, I have saved a doll collection, all my barbies and my dancing costumes.

Eight and one half years ago, I decided to sell the doll collection. I felt okay with letting it go. Girls don't collect dolls anymore.

Two years ago, I thought it would be the time when I reconnected with my soul mate from high school. Life threw me a big curve ball when he passed away suddenly.

A few weeks ago, my sister posted a picture of my niece before her ballet recital. She was dressed in black leotard and a little skirt.

I remembered that big white bag sitting in my childhood closet in Texas. In Texas, a receital meant a new costume. The more colorful the better. Wasn't this the perfect time to pass on a piece of my childhood to two little gals that I love and adore?

The timing was perfect. My mom was getting ready to go and visit them in Maryland. Down from the shelf come the big bag of costumes. As you will see, the girls love them. It makes me smile to see them all dressed up in their Auntie's costumes.

Here I am-tiny dancer!!



And here are the nieces!!

nieces in costume< nieces in costume2

I am happy that my precious costumes will be providing those two little gals hours of amusement!

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