Is Bigger Better? The Downside of Having a Big Home

Is bigger better? That is what they say in Texas. The home of big hair and then some. What about houses? Is having a big home helpful or hurtful?

I am seeing a trend of people that are downsizing not because they have to but because they want to live a more simple life. Less is more!! Folks want to spent more time having fun and enjoying life then managing the "big house".

big house

One major downside of having a big home is too much storage. Yes, if you have it, you will fill it up. It's murphys law. All those extra closets will end up with clothes, cosco purchases, and other items.

Purge? Why should you ever have to think about purging? You have lots of space. So years go by, and you end up with a very full home.

Your basement and closets are full of items such as unwanted Christmas gifts, impulse buys, and other things you don't even remember you had. Yup, this organizer has seen it all.

So if you choose to live in a big house. how do you keep it from being full of things you don't need or want? DEFINE YOUR SPACE!! It's perfectly okay to have some open space or closets.

* Zone your storage areas. Put like with like. Make sure that you label everything and know what it is.

* Filter out those things you don't want or don't use.

* Make sure the items you store are visual and not just shoved in place.

* If you don't use it-lose it!

* Check your inventory before you buy.

* As your interests change, so should your stuff. Let go of those old hobby items.

* Donate things before they become obsolete.

* Other then memory and holiday items- if its packed away- it should go away!

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