How A Professional Organizer Stays Organized; Rules I Live By

For the last nine years, I have been organizing homes and offices for a living. In between running a business, I write blogs,articles, and give speeches. I also have a very active social life.


How do I do it all and keep my sanity? Here are my top tips that I practice to keep my home running smooth.

1. LIMIT THE INCOMING-I limit what comes in my home. Paperwise and ect. I get all my bank and financial statements online, not to mention my bills. I have signed up for to limit the incoming of catalogs.

2. MAIL SORTING-I sort my mail everyday over the recycle bin. It gets recycled or comes in my office to be processed.

3. LAUNDRY- I do my laundry every week to avoid having a build up of dirty clothes. I wash, dry, fold, and put away.
If I don't have time to do it all at once, I do a load at a time. I usually do my sheets and towels in the morning. I can put them in the washer, then dryer. When I come home, all I have to do is fold them.

4. EVERYTHING HAS A HOME-NO HALFWAY HOUSES-I have a place for everything in my home. I don't have random things that are sitting around in piles.

5. CLOTHING MANAGEMENT-Everything in my closet is my color, cut, and fits. All my clothes are considered my "A" game. If I am not in love with it, I don't buy it. My clothes are sorted by category and color.

6. KITCHEN/FOOD PREP- I always right a list for the grocery store. Every extra five minutes you spend in the store equals ten dollars on your bill. I also cook in bulk and keep my freezer filled with healthy frozen dishes that I have made.

7. DON'T PUT IT DOWN-PUT IT AWAY- I try to handle things only once. When I come home, I put my shoes on the mat and coat in the closet. Even my work bag has place.

8.PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE- Before I go to bed each night, I pick out my clothes for the next day(its not hard since I am a t shirt and jean gal for work). I also write a "to do" list- I pick items off the master list that I feel I will be able to accomplish. I also set out my work bag-loaded and ready to go.

Yup, these are the tips and tidbits that keep me honest. Call me crazy. Call me a freak, but it works for me. Everyone needs to have habits, tasks, or rules that help them through the day!

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