Hall Closet; Coats and More

Besides doing the dining room dump, I have seen quite a bit of stuff dumped in the hall closet. Yes, its become the place of no return. In most cases, the floor is covered with shoes and bags full of items. Items that don't have a home.

There are two basic types of front hall closets. The one that fits coats only and has one shelf. The other one is larger and has shelves for other items.

I have the first kind of hall closet. Can you say vintage condo? It has one rod and one shelf. I can comfortably store my coats, and accessories. The baskets on the shelf contain my hats, gloves, and scarves.

coats and shelf

The people before me left this huge hook on the door. At first, I didn't like it but it works perfectly for my umbrellas (Chicago is the windy city). I also keep my favorite baseball hat and a pair of foldable flats on it.

hook on the door-hallI keep the floor of my hall closet pretty clear. I use it to store my winter boots and that is it. Its also a good place to store a vacuum cleaner.

on the floor-hall

The other type of hall closet is what I term as the multifunctional one. It not only has a bar for hanging coats but has shelving in it. This closet can also have many different storage uses depending on your needs.

If you live in a condo with limited space and no garage, this closet can also be used to store sports equipment, games, and industrial items.

If you live in a shoeless home, make sure that you have a shoe organizer in your closet. Piling up your shoes doesn't work. They get dirty, bent out of shape, and forgotten.

Whatever your needs are, make your hall closet work for you. My advice, keep it simple.

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