Filing Systems- Which One Works For You

Yesterday I was helping a client work on her filing system. They were using a system in which the files are numbered and they keep a list of what is in which file. I have to admit, it was a big challenge for me. I cound not remember what was were and had to keep looking at the list. I am a alpha labled tabs type of gal.

filing system

When setting up a filing system, you should file how you think. Remember to take into consideration if you are visual or not. Here are some systems you can use.

Hanging files with labeled tabs- This is my favorite system. I even put all my tabs on one side so I can use my thumb to find things in a quick manner. I use my label maker to label the tabs so they are clear.

Numbered Files with a list-In this case every file has a number vs a label. You keep a list and that is how you find your files. This system works for a lot of people that want to keep their records less visual.

Color Coded Files-In this type of filing system, you color code your categories. An example is green files for financial statements.

Filing by categories- This type of system is very similiar to color coding, accept you don't color code the files. The files are grouped together by category such as personal, insurance, and financial.

Filing by what you use the most-If you choose this type of system, your files would be organized by what you use all the time in the front of your file system. The files that you don't use as much would be placed in the back of your file drawer.

There is no right or wrong way to file your papers. As with any organizing project, you should organize how you think.

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