Clutter and The Couple; Can This Relationship Be Saved

Sometimes I take off the professional organizer hat and put on the marriage counselor hat. Yes, part of my job is to try and help couples coexist in their space in a happy/healthy manner.

marraige counselor pic

So what happens when Minimalist Mary marries Hector the Collector? Or when Clara the Clutterbug marries Henry the Hoarder? And lets not forget Neat Nancy who trades vows with Sloppy Sammy.

bride and groom

I pity the dude that ends up with me. Can you imagine living with a professional organizer? And for the record the Universe has brought me many a Sloppy Sammy.

So how do two people with totally opposite living styles merge their lives and live happily every after? ONE STEP AT A TIME!

* PURGE BEFORE YOU MERGE- Before you combine your households, decide what stays and what goes. Compromise!!! Go through each room of the house and decide what you need to complete a home. Sell, donate, or give away the rest.

* SET UP ONE ROOM AT A TIME-Don't overwhelm yourselves. Unpack or set up one space at a time. Make sure everything has a home.

* DEFINE YOUR SPACE- Make sure both of you have space for your clothes, papers, and other items. Set up some ground rules as far as managing the space.

* RESPECT YOUR PARTNER'S STUFF- Everyone has different hobbies or collections. Be sensitive to your partner's need for space and storage. Evaluate both your belongings and choose solutions for storage.

* USE YOUR STORAGE AREAS- Decide what needs to be accessible and what can be put in storage. Your memory items don't need to be right in front of you. Seasonal items can also be stored away.

* ITEMS TO COMBINE - Try to combine things so you don't have duplicates. This especially goes for kitchen and bathroom items.

And most importantly- this project takes two people. Help and support each other. And then, enjoy your home!

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