Want Better Meals in Less Time; Cook in Bulk

Yesterday, I came home from a job dog tired. In five minutes I was able to sit down to a nice late lunch of chicken fajitas. No, I didn't rally and turn on the stove, I simply pulled out a meal of my freezer and added a side dish. Yup, I cook in bulk.

I have been doing it for years. Even before all those cooking clubs or cooking places were in vogue, I was freezing meals. It stems from my childhood. Every night my family sat down to a nice dinner. It was tradition. I was the prep chef. I made salads, grated cheese, and set the table.

In my life now, I have a crazy schedule. Sometimes I work three hours a day, other times its twelve hours a day. There are days when my job is very physical (unpacking a house) and days when my job is more sedentary (paper management). When I am crawling in my house after a long day, the last thing I want to do is cook.

Each week, I cook a couple of big meals. Whether is a soup, chicken dish or a meatloaf, after the meal is done, I containerize it.

freeze bulk

All you need is a set on containers. I personally like the BPA free ziploc containers. They come in small to large size. Its important to make sure whatever containers your chose are BPA (chemical free) so they don't emit chemical when you put them in the microwave.

When I need a meal, I simply take it out and cook it. I also keep a stock of veggies and side dishes. Each night, I am able to have a nice home cooked meal reguardless of my crazy schedule! I eat much healthier.

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Happy Cooking!

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