Organizing your Technology; Let Go Of All Those Cords

I don't know how I made it home yesterday. Between the last two days, I filled my car with a lot of computers and accessories for electronic recycling. And wouldn't you know it, they aren't open on Wednesday.

electronic recycle

Each year 2.25 million tons of electronic devices are thrown away in the trash and not recycled. It is also estimated that 155 million cell phones end up in a landfill as well. With technology always changing, this number is bound to increase. It's sad but true.

So what can you do to not be a part of the electronics problem? Recycle your old electronics. The people that I loaded my car down with electronics, simply didn't know where to take their electronics but knew that it should be recycled. Most cities have an electronics recycling centers or have drop offs a few times per year.

In the city of Chicago, we have the Goose Island Recycle Center which is located at 1150 North Branch. They are open on Tuesday from 7 am to noon and on Thursday from 2 pm to 7 pm. They are also open on the first Saturday of the month from 8 am to 3 pm.

As with any type of purging, you should purge your electronics. Make sure that you match up your cords with your appliances. Use a label maker to label your cords as to what device they work with. When you stop using a device or decide to donate or sell it, be sure that you send all the appropriate cords with it.

I typically find that most people just add the old cords to the cord bin or basket. Yes, this organizer just purged about 10 cords herself. Everything else is labled and matched up. Keep your extra cords in a bin. Sometimes people find it beneficial to keep the accessories to their products in zip lock bags in a bin.

Next time you buy that new I phone or computer think twice about throwing the old one away. If you don't sell it, or give it away, recycle it!!

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