Organizing The Artist; When Organizing Meets Creativity

I consider myself an artist. Organizing is one of the art forms that I practice. Cooking, beading, and home decor also fall into my creative outlets.

So if creative people have so many ideas, why can it be so hard for them to get organized? Sometimes its hard to for them the conform to standardized organizing systems. They are very visual and like having all sorts of different containers.

Artists also love their supplies. They collect different things they think they can use in projects. They also tend to have an over abundance of supplies. Without things being organizing, they end up with duplicates.

artist studioI

For my personal home, I have chosen solutions that don't express my creativity. I have chosen to go with functional systems that fit my space. You may find them a little boring but they work for me.

So how do you best organize an artists studio or craft room? First of all look at the blank canvas.

1. Analyze the space.

2. Start with storage. What types of shelving do you need. Do you have walls to use the elfa system on? Do you need to be special shelves to hold your paintings? Would bookshelves work for you?

3. Containers- What supplies do you have that need to be containerized. One of my favorite solutions for storing small items or notions are the clear shoe box bins from the container store. They come in two different sizes. They stack really well. Don't forget to label them.

shoe boxes

4. Furniture- Depending on what type of art forms you create. What type of furniture do you need? Remember that too many surface areas- extra tables and shelves can be enabling. You don't want a space in which you drop supplies all over the place.

5. Add a few creative touches to personalize your space.

Remember the key to keeping any studio organized is to clean up after you are done working for the day! Don't put it down, put it away!

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