Organizing Solutions That Suck

I was standing in line at Target last year when my mouth flapped open. That usually strong filter gave way to "That sucks!" I was commenting on a product that the lady in front of me was buying for her home. She turned around and gave me a "Are you cray cray" look. All she was doing was trying to check out with this plastic cube solution. She asked who I was and I shamefully told her I was an organizer. She took my card and put the cubes back! I just couldn't help it. Bad, Erin. Bad, Erin.

I am not a fan of the plastic cube shelving. It's hard to put together, wobbly, and doesn't hold a lot of weight. I find them torn apart in peoples closets. People buy them because they are priced reasonably.

cube shelves

Yes, there are some organizing solutions that just don't give the love. Another one that makes my bad list is the scarf hanger. While its a great idea to save space and make your scarves visable. It also gets fat, takes up a lot of space and can cause some wrinkles to your expensive silk scarves.

scarf hanger

I am also not a fan of the belt holder. These end up too heavy, and take up too much space on the rod. I would suggest hooks for belts.

belt hanger

My next unloved organizing solution is nesting baskets. Really! Most people like a uniform look. What do you do with odd size baskets. They end up sitting on a shelf or floor collecting things. They don't work aesthetically at all!

nesting baskets

And while we are on the topic of baskets- evict those baskets with handles! Where can you put them? They do work in the bathroom for towel storage or in the living room for blanket storage, but that is about it.

baskets with handles

There are so many organizing solutions in the market. When shopping for solutions, look for items that are durable, stack, and save space. Not all solutions work for all spaces.

Happy Organizing!!

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