Eliminate Piles; Define Your Space

While doing a few consultations this week, I ran across a common problem- Piles of mishmash. Everyone said they said thing, "Where should it go?" Surface areas, tops of tables, and kitchen counters all become dumping grounds. Your in a hurry so you drop and go. Then a week or two later, you have quite the pile.

kitchen counter

So how do you avoid these nasty piles of stuff. Don't let them happen. Define your space. The following are the items that most end up in piles around your home.

* Mail- Limit what comes in your home. Get your bills and financial statements online. Get rid of all those catalogs through catalog choice.org. Incoming mail should go into an action item file or small inbox. It should not be piled around the home. Have a specific container for magazines.

* Gloves, hats and scarves- Keep them contained. Have a basket or bin of them in your closet. Preferably separate them by family member. I have different gloves that I wear with different coats. I tend to keep those gloves in the pockets of the coats.

* Hair products- Should you really be doing your hair in the kitchen? Contain these items to your bathroom or bedroom. Rubber bands can be stored in a small zip lock bag.

* Keys- You should have a place for your extra keys. I have mine on a hook in my pantry. Some people keep them in a drawer in the kitchen. Just make sure you know where they are.

* Jewelry- These items should all be contained in your bedroom. Don't let your gems float around the house.

If you live in a multi floor dwelling, consider using a bag or basket to relocate items to the next floors. Everytime you are on the stairs, you should have something in your hands to relocate. Don't waste the trip.

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