Moving in: Taking the Stress out of cohabitating

Oh the joys of sharing space with the one you love. It can be heaven and it can be hell. Life is what you make of it. Read below as I describe the different scenerios of space sharing and how to make it work.

SCENERIO NUMBER ONE: One of you moves in with the other one. This is one of the hardest change to make. Yes, as we get older, we get set in our ways. We have our space set up and then boom-LOVE comes to call.

1. Step one-Purge your stuff

2.Step two- Go through both homes and decide what you are keeping of whose stuff-kitchen, furniture, ect. You don't need all the duplicate items.

3.Step three-Define your place. Decide where everything should go. Evaluate who needs what space. Everyone has different items.

4. Step four-Purchase any new storage systems that you need.

5. Step five- Move in and be happy.

SCENERIO NUMBER TWO: You move into a new place together. This is easiest change to make. You are both starting with a clean pallette. Sometimes in this scenerio, it makes life easier if you don't schedule both moves on the same day. Get the contents of one home in the new space and unpack them. Then, have the other stuff arrive. Or you if you have the time, you can bring a little over at a time.

1. Step one- Before you move in define the space.

2. Step two- Purge your items.

3. Step three- Decide what you are keeping from each home.

4. Step four- Draw up a gameplan of what goes where. This will make your move much smoother.

5. Step five- Move in and be happy.

Sharing space can be a challenge. If you pre-plan vs showing up with your bags, life will be a lot smoother. Also, unpack one room at a time and get it set up.

Happy home! Happy life!


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