Mountains of Paper; You don't need it anymore- It's all on Google

Once upon a time, you had to save every article or you would never find the information on it again. Every article you liked, or resource information was kept. Guess what gang, we got google! You don't need to save it anymore! So the multitude of boxes that you have been taking from move to move, they can go bye bye! Yes, you can lighten your load.

We all are information addicts to a certain extent. We love our newspapers and magazines. All of use have different interests. Here are a few ways to keep some of that information vs the whole paper or magazine.

1. Keep an electronic file- scan your articles and file them on your computer.

2. Keep a list- I have a wine list of the wines that I like and want to try.

3. Keep articles in a hanging file folder. This is a good method for resources. Just make sure that you don't put too many categories together and your file doesn't get too large.

4. Keep your articles in a binder. Place the articles in plastic sheeting. Label the spine of the binder so it can easily be located.

5. Have a memory box for special articles.

Keeping all your articles in boxes and unorganized won't do you any good. They will just sit for years gathering dust. Its amazing how much changes with time. A lot of the information will be outdated and of no use to you.

Do you keep newspapers that have a front cover of a major event? I hate to break it to you but so does everyone else. That 911 paper or Obama paper isn't going to net you a big paycheck. Everyone has one!! Think twice about saving those items.

Also paper attracts dust and dust mites. So for all of you that have allergies out there- it's not a good thing. Lessen your load.

Take one box at a time. Make a list of topics you want to keep. Start sorting. Sometimes it takes a few purges to get down to what you really want to keep. Give yourself a goal. Make your goal either time based or a certain amount of boxes you feel comfortable with saving in your home.

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