Light Bulbs and the other stuff we have too much of

Everyone has light bulb love. Its just one of the things that we all have too much of in our space.  Often, they are located in many different places around the home. In drawers, cabinets, and random places, you can find them.  Here are the items I think most homes have too much of:

1. Light bulbs - Do you really need to have several shelves full. They last for years now. Consider having a few of the most used one on hand and that is it.

2. Office supplies- I have never understood this one! How many pens and markers do you really use? True story here, I have not bought a pen in years. I use the ones that come in goody bags at events. And that accountant that gave me a pen at a party last year, he got a really big referral from me!

Analyze what you use and don't use. Consider donating the excess to a church or not profit.

3. Greeting cards-I know its fun to brouse the isles but do you really have that many friends you send them to!  Card sending is way down! People are sending birthday messages on facebook now! My advice, keep a small card box with a few cards that you might need in a pinch.

4. Socks- Match them up after you do the laundry. Put the extra ones in a basket. If you don't find a match after all the laundry is done, then discard them. The more different types of socks you purchase, the more time it takes you to sort them.

5. Food- Do you know what is stuffed back in the back of your pantry. Did you buy something on sale and never eat it? Organize your food- like with like. Take inventory before you go shopping. If your pantry is too full, eat out of it for a few weeks. Don't overstock it.

6. Toiletries- We love our potions and lotions. Some of you even collect stuff from hotels when you travel. Use it or you will lose it. That stuff doesn't last that long. Organize your toiltries in baskets by category. Finish things before adding to your stash.

Don't be a hector the collector. Try to keep things in your home that you need and use!

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