Kids Craft Area; Clean it up

Everytime I visit my sister, I always ask if there is a project I can do. I know you are supposed to rest on vacation, but that just isn't my MO. This time she asked if I could organize the kids craft area. An easy project, right?

The storage for crafts consisted of one large drawer, and a cabinet. I pulled everything out on the floor and began to sort. Almost immediately, two little princess came over to offer their assistance. Even though it took longer to complete the project, I think its important for kids to learn organizing skills(hey someone needs to take over my company one day).

So all three of us started to sort items into categories. I decided to place the paper and activity books in the drawer. Paper on one side, activity books on the other. I put all the little pads for drawing in the middle. This was an easy and a quick solution.

We divided everything from stickers, tatoos, to felt art. My sister had previously purchased some small bins that we used for markers, crayons, and pencils. Its very important not to mix too many categories when organizing art supplies. Also label your containers. It makes it easier for children to put things away. Putting on a picture on the front of the container is also a good idea.

For the items that we didn't have containers, we put them in plastic zip lock bags. Yes, we had a whole bag of glitter glue. Then we placed on the items in the cabinet. Everything had a place and was labeled.

The key is not to let the kids take out too many items at one time. Also when they clean up, make sure they replace them in the correct places. I could tell my nieces were happy with their new craft area. Kids can organize. I took a little peak and was happy to see that they had maintained the jewelry organization I had done for them at Thanksgiving.

Here are some simple tips for organizing  your craft space.

1. Containerize like with like

2. Label it

3. Don't put too many different categories together

4. Limit the supplies, let them use up what they have before bringing more in

Happy Crafting!

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